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Featuring another presentation by the very talented: MoW-MoW 📶🔋 
ܤ𐌼ơꩢ-𐌼ơꩢㇱ🎶🎧 TuNed iN: 🎧🎶
🎼 Slept So Long
(from movie Queen of the D*mned)
🎤: Jonathan Davis
💡💭 tHiNkiNg oUt LoUd: 💭💡
Why can't I get this to work?
*cough cough*
PhilippinesEnglish / Tagalog♈Aries♈
About MoW-MoWRecent postsNicks:   let's see... Ace. Ash. Momo. Saf. Val.
   (rarely am I called by my RL :p)
Music:   mostly Rock, Metal, Alternative
   lotsa Classics too & some Reggae
Musical Instrument/s:   I know how to play Piano...
   & wanna learn Violin & Drums
Sports:   Swimming
   Basketball... hey does Wrestling count? XD
Interests:   History, Literature, Mythology & the likes
   oooh and scary creepy stuffs...
Hobbies:   Games... Artsy Stuffs... Reading...I love:   Animals & Nature. Studying & Learning.
Fear/s:   Roaches & Clowns
#FairPlay #BeReal #IRead.DoYou?
   It is everydoll's responsibility to make Stardoll
   a fun, friendly and inviting place to be :)
   ❤️ my VERY LAST project please
   ❤️ count: 26/1oo
   i read but i won't respond :p
   coz most chats end up with "buy me gift"
   no need to buy (unless you want to)
   just get in line for fun :D
   HOT PINK room
   sometimes i have stuffs for sale (very cheap)
   just check my bazaar from time to time




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  1. Hey can you make a The walking dead presentation?Thanks!

  2. YEAH MAKE ONE WITH TWD or Harry Styyles or pandicorns

  3. Hey,you can make a coll presentation with StarBIANCA_BYA doll on Stardoll,please? :)

  4. How do you put your pictures there? in the places where the pictures are..

  5. Hey! Can you make a presentation that looks like instagram? Btw I love all your presentations .u.

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