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Plagiarism (Copying of Presentation/s)

Hey everyone,
So I made a post about this a few months ago (maybe even a year ago?) about leaving the credits on the presentations to the respectful owners. I know a lot of you's may be thinking:

What's the big deal? It's just a presentation..

But think about it this way, you're doing an exam/test for something really important and someone nearby copies it and gets all the credit for YOUR hard work.

This is what it feels like to us when you change the credit on our work. If you don't know what I mean by "changing the credits" look below:

Example 1 (click to enlarge), shows the original presentation on this blog made by me:

Example 2 (click to enlarge), shows the credits being changed by a member on stardoll:

You will notice in the above example that I have asked that they change the credits back to the rightful owner (in this example myself) or to remove the presentation entirely.

I am aware of some of the team members (including myself) asking on some presentations to leave the credits to the rightful owners, and I know majorly of you do so - the team and I would like to thank the people who do that.

In future please don't change the credits on our presentations, I don't want to keep making post like this every couple months to yearly. We work hard on these presentations so you's can have presentations that are full of quotes, different colours, lyrics or whatever you request and all we ask for in return is that you don't remove our credits.

I would just like to add, we don't mind if you's edit the presentations.. You's can freely change the colour/s, pictures, quotes or whatever it is on the presentation but in return keep in the tag that the presentation was original made by whichever team member or inspired by whatever team member.


  1. I'm having a problem with the last presentation posted,when I use it the background doesn't show up,why isn't it showing up,does anyone know?

    1. the Harley Quinn presentation(nunber 1486)

    2. Hey, do you know the drag and drop system to copy a presentation? I put the prs 1486 on the page of PresCharly__6__ maybe you can copy it there? if not tell me ;)

  2. Great post! But they will keep doining it :/

    1. Yeah, I know but at least now they know we do check and hopefully it will stop some people.

  3. I love the presentantion that you´ve done and unfortunately this happend... I want you use it (or course im not going to do the same) but I can´t find it... can you tell me the link?



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