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Hello, so today through my Stardoll travels I came across a doll by the name of WackyJacqui who has edited one of our presentations. For anyone who's a fan of the group it is quite obvious that the presentation theme is based on the popular band, Twenty One Pilots. Click here to visit her page.

 jax | fax | wax

(my name is jax)

join my club + the clubs i manage + clubs i like

'dress your doll ugly day' will (un)officially be the 26th of september because i think 26 is an ugly number (this is a logical way to choose the date).
tell your friends :)

i don't accept empty friend requests and i usually don't chat unless you're one of my really, really, really good friends :) if you like the music i like (cough cough, twenty one pilots) let's be friends! :)
dear jacqui,
stop procrastinating.




  1. i posted the code here ( so feel free to copy it :)


    1. grea! I hope we will see more of your work!



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