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Featured Presentation - LilyxD

Today I present to you a presentation made by the user LilyxD
I love the simplicity of the presentation as well as the use of colours and the picture.
Click here to visit LilyxD - they're even willing to give out some pointers on making presentations

19 + artist + leo/cancer cusp

i like to roleplay. i also like plants, space, cats & dogs, food & traveling, reading and making art. i try to paint for money and my favorite fruit is peaches. im aesthetic af but it's all over the place. feel free to say hi, just don't send me friend requests. i have almost 600+ at the moment and i'm trying to answer them all, if we're buds in a club or you're wanting to be friends, i'll send a request.

have a nice day


  1. Is there a thing to copy and paste for this? I really want this one.

    1. No, as I'm only featuring the presentation. I didn't ask to take the code as that is up to the maker of the presentation.



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