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A few days ago I came across a user who has based their doll on Taylor Swift (RainhaCandyGirl) and decided to check out their best friend list and noticed a Melanie Martinez doll and instantly fell in love with the presentation. I will admit I've never listened to any of Melanie's songs, but the presentation was well set up and from what I've seen (and heard) about Melanie this presentation is pretty spot on. To visit the doll (mariaclara1love) click here

Melanie Martinez

@MelanieLBBH Facebook


Doll made by : Cacasuco , Rainhacandygirl and Sr.Charlize;

Cry Babies...
Melanie's new collection of hairs

*NEW* tag you're it hair - 89 sd
                                          Melanie's pink and black hair - 2 parts ( 80sd each)                                                                               Pity Party Hair - 89sd                        Blue and blonde(bleached) - 80sd                                          
I feel it coming out my throat,Guess I better wash my mouth out with...


 I hope you liked it,xoxo ♥