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Hi Everyone,
It's Skittle.Fashion here with some updates on what's happening with the blog (or what I know).

• We have a new look on the blog, which I'm sure most of you's have noticed by now - if you click on the the picture it will go to whatever doll's picture you click on
• We have an official club on Stardoll now, click here to visit and/or join
• We also have a Facebook page, click here to visit and/or join
• We have a "name and shame" list where we write usernames who steal our work (see club)
• Some of the girls presentations are still hidden, I'm uncertain as to when or even if they'll allow their presentations to be used again
• I personally won't be posting as often as this plagiarism issues is something that really bothers me and I can not stand the fact that their are people stealing our work. Instead most of my posts will be featuring you girls and guys, so if you have used one of our presentations as a template or created your own presentation then let us know

We are working and discussing many other things, so please be patience with us as we work on re-building this blog again.


  1. Yes u are doing write with all those who steal ur work with ur photos .. so if u are doing with other people s photo press can u make an press for me too in black colour thx.. ShreyuGlam ...

  2. Hi, can you make a presentation of the twenty-one pilots ??

    1. Hi, I believe a user on stardoll named WackyJacqui made a TOP presentation, I don't know if she still has the link on her presentation but you can ask her if you like

    2. Here's the link:



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