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    Welcome on this blog! This blog was created for stardoll presentations. They are easy to use and free! You can copy them and put them on your page. Amazing! So feel free to use them but have some respect and leave the credit....

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    You can copy a presentation OR you can edit it OR you can make yourself one! The only thing you need to do is use the HTML code and you can start. It takes some time, but once you get it, it is great!

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    We started with a few presentations and now you can find them everywhere! We are so happy that many people use the presentations. Thank you! We are glad we can help you...


About me
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Welcome to my Page
the Vampire Diaries

Welcome to my page
"Write here you favorite quote"
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It's your presentation

A bout me
Hello My name is ... and write some more stuff about yourself, things that people need to know
You can write your favorite movie, songs serie,... your hobbies. family things that are important for you..

A nother Title
you can write something about.. the thing you know.... Hey you choose the title
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T itle
Maybe you can write about your friends?
All your friends on stardoll... Or a special person hehe

N ext title
I need a little inspiration ... Reallly I have no idea what i can write here.. maybe you can just delete this part



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It means no worries

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Welcome ♥
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Heading/Title:Blah, blah, blah
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 Welcome to my Page!

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So sorry I haven't posted this already, I'm still learning how to do a couple of things.

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MSW Moiragrog

Hello MSW is still there, and I have my favorite :
Can you vote for her?
And what is your favorite doll?

New Writer/Presentation Maker

Hi everyone,
I'm a new presentation/writer for this blog and I'm so happy to get this chance. My name is Shayne (however you can call me Kitty), but some of you may know me as Skittle.Fashion on Stardoll. You can click here to visit my page. I've been making presentations since 2012-ish, but I didn't really start to make more complex pres until mid 2014. I hope that you girls and guys will like the presentations I make. The presentation below is my current presentation, which I will be adding the code to at a later date.


Hello and here is my code I hope you like it! Idf you use it please let me know, I would love to see it!!
   Welcome on my page, I'm glad you came!
    Take your time and feel free to look around.
Charline | 19 |Belgium | Dutch


Does someone play Guild Wars 2?

Join my club please!
    Over the 1000 members, Thank you!
    if you have ideas, questions,.. post them at a forum

    I got a site with all kind of presentation chack them out, if you are a presentation maker/ editor and you want to be a writer on the blog, tell it to me please



    If you can't get the presentation, you can ask it to me I will post the preentation at a second account ( only for presentation) and you can copy it there.

     All the presenetations on the site are free!

    Any question? Check out the help section on my site or in the club







My new presentation

Hello, this is my new presentation, what do you think?
Do you like it, do you want it? if yes, I will put it on the blog

The next club winner is... Yilin-NyanCat ( the best presentation maker in my opinion) the winner is ...



She has an AWESOME presentation ... no no she MADE an awesome presentation. Look at it. She is soo good at making presentation you have to check out her page! She has presentation that you can use, I think that's realllly nice of her BUT LEAVE HER CREDIT. It takes a lot of time to make those so keep the '©Yilin-NyanCat | Be original'

See her awesome presentation + she asked: Please vote for HER friend, WOTTHEELLE






Vote me
I vote back, just leave a comment!
Why should you vote me?
1.- I have never been a superstar or royalty member before.
2.- I'm trying to raise diabetes awareness as I'm diabetic too (type 1).

Diabetes FAQ:
Q: How do you get diabetes?
A: Genetics for type 1. Type 2 is the type that adults can get if they eat too much sugar.

Q: What is diabetes?
A: Your pancreas not producing insulin or not producing it at all. With insulin, you're able to use the sugar in your blood for energy.


a t   m y   p a g e

Name | Age | Country | Status | Something | Song | words | food | more stuff...

About me
write here a text about you

write here a text about you
write here a text about you
write here a text about you


Presentation#1214 MSW [Design of popotje]

write here your text


name | age | country | status



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