Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ziehier: Mijn presentatie

Ziehier: Mijn presentatie
later komt de code XD

                         Charly | 15 | Belgium | June_luke | Crazy
  Hi, my name is Charly, but you can call me anything you like.  I live in belgium.  I'm 15  years old so still in school.  I've recently been very busy with my blog, and  other blogs, so sometimes I don't use the chat. I will happily talk to most of you through my guestbook, and i don't reply on suitechat.


National cover Boy: 3 July 2012

yeah people I want more ;)

 My blog: Presentatiecharly.blogspot.be
er the 51000 views.33 followers. Please follow my blog
 I only make personal presentations for followers of my blog. If you can't follow  my blog say it n a message

Questions -> Write it in my guestbook. Vote for me and be honest.

Kheb een super leuke zus hha ja lady_aurelie tis tegen u haha

Join the club: vansclubXD !
I love June_luke
Made by charly__6__


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