Friday, 7 February 2014

New cursor code

How are you?
I posted some days ago about the 'cute cursors',
but there was an error (sorry was busy with school)
I removed the post.....
I saw that someone saw the error noted in the comments thanks!

Here is the new code, a better one...

<p style="background-color:#DEDEDE; cursor: url(''), auto;width:500px; margin:auto; text-align:center;color:#B6B6B6; font-size: 15px;" title=" made by charly__6__">
   <span style="font-size:28px;">hello </span></p>

 you can change the red link...
for example 


  1. Sorry but do we put this entire code in place or just the part in red? Can you show us in your new Valentine presentation - I think the first one with the hearts, & Welcome on the red background. I tried putting in the cursor I want from the other website changing the red link like you show above and it still doesn't work. When you removed the post from yesterday it just made me a little more confused, I was using the LE presentation and I still can't put this new part in so it works :( VickiVenus

    1. the whole code is for the grey presentation. if you want the code in your pres. put after the ' ; ' cursor: url('...'), auto;

    2. I've watched the video, and tried everything but still can't get it to work. Is it because I use a MAC and not a PC?

  2. Your welcome charly :D

    1. thnx sorry that i saw it so late

    2. No its fine :3 btw i had this question that , Is it ok that if i use the basic codes from here and use them to make my own pres and leave credit for myself?

  3. thnx very nice :) click myname playing flappy bird

  4. How do you add it to the presentation you already have?

  5. i dont get this

  6. can you make a cursor for club???


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