Friday, 25 July 2014

Club presentations

Hello guys Charly here,
many people ask me if these presentations also work in as a  club presentation.
I didn't try all the presentations, but YES you can use it as a club presentation.
But you have to edit the HTML-code because clubpresentations are smaller.
If you want to know how...
Click on read more

Here is an example
I used Presentation#1021 to try it

 So here is what you have to do:
1. Find a presentation
2.  Copy the HTML code [Click on read more to find the code]
3. Go to an HTML editor
4. Past the code
You have to edit some things! Otherwise It will not fit into your clubpresentation
Find width:...px
 and change it around I used 440px
 5. DRAG 'n DROP -Yes copying the code doesn't work here-
So make sure you put something in the beginning of the code and on the end like
'--', 'start' and 'end',...
6. If you dropped it in your presentation make sure that you delete the '--' or whatever you used (also on the end!)

7. Save it, the presentation can look a bit different, so edit again ad some text and stuff


  1. Didn't work. I tried clicking "save" and Stardoll said: "THE TEXT IS NOT ALLOWED SINCE IT CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE", then I changed the title: "made by charly__6__" to "charly__6__" and then when I clicked "save" then it just showed me the code... I'm Tiff_y on Stardoll, please help

  2. It didn't work. I clicked "save" 100 times and Stardoll said "THE TEXT IS NOT ALLOWED SINCE IT CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE", I did what she ^^ did too,It didn't even save! I'm Ex-modernite ,please contact me and help x(

    1. me,too i have tried this before
      (different one) and it worked but now stardoll said "THE TEXT IS NOT ALLOWED SINCE IT CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE" seriously!!!

  3. isn't working... please help!

  4. Didn't work for me...!
    Please help!
    My stardoll username is: FairyKikiki123


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