Club presentations

Hello guys Charly here,
many people ask me if these presentations also work in as a  club presentation.
I didn't try all the presentations, but YES you can use it as a club presentation.
But you have to edit the HTML-code because clubpresentations are smaller.
If you want to know how...
Click on read more

Here is an example
I used Presentation#1021 to try it

 So here is what you have to do:
1. Find a presentation
2.  Copy the HTML code [Click on read more to find the code]
3. Go to an HTML editor
4. Past the code
You have to edit some things! Otherwise It will not fit into your clubpresentation
Find width:...px
 and change it around I used 440px
 5. DRAG 'n DROP -Yes copying the code doesn't work here-
So make sure you put something in the beginning of the code and on the end like
'--', 'start' and 'end',...
6. If you dropped it in your presentation make sure that you delete the '--' or whatever you used (also on the end!)

7. Save it, the presentation can look a bit different, so edit again ad some text and stuff


  1. Didn't work. I tried clicking "save" and Stardoll said: "THE TEXT IS NOT ALLOWED SINCE IT CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE", then I changed the title: "made by charly__6__" to "charly__6__" and then when I clicked "save" then it just showed me the code... I'm Tiff_y on Stardoll, please help

  2. It didn't work. I clicked "save" 100 times and Stardoll said "THE TEXT IS NOT ALLOWED SINCE IT CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE", I did what she ^^ did too,It didn't even save! I'm Ex-modernite ,please contact me and help x(

    1. me,too i have tried this before
      (different one) and it worked but now stardoll said "THE TEXT IS NOT ALLOWED SINCE IT CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE" seriously!!!

  3. isn't working... please help!