Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Club presentation

Made a video about club presentations
You can contact me, if you need a club presentation CharlyXD


  1. こんにちは!
    Sorry, but you may already prepare the presentation with the width and so on? If anything other than the 'example...thanks in advance!

  2. hey can u please make a paris stardoll presentation thanks :)

  3. I have a perfect ideas for presentations ( of course, if you can do it :)
    So, can you make a presentation with -> TAYLOR SWIFT! She ' s my idol, and for many girls ( & boys ) . I' will be so glad if U can ! ♥
    And a presentations with pets ! Cats , dogs , rabbits... I really ♥ cats and dogs, so can U ? Please, it will be my dream come true :D
    Thanks anyway..
    xx Paola R (paola-Cherry on stardoll )


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