Sunday, 22 March 2015

How to change picture in presentation

In this video you can see how to change picture in presentation and how to find you avatar link.
 If you have any questions leave a comment please or ask me AnitooWee .


  1. oh my Gosh i can't watch the video because the SME is blocked in our country,heklp me

    1. Click on read more for the code, you need this to change the pictures
      1. Go to a html editor
      2. find the picture link that I used
      3. Go to your pictures and copy the link of your picture
      4. Replace my link of my picture by your link of your
      5. if you are done with editing, copy the code and past it in your presentation or drag and drop the presentation

      :) If you need any other help and can't watch video please check the HELP selection !

    2. thank you anitoowee your soo sweet

  2. can you write it step by step

  3. Can you make a Pewdiepie presentation please


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