Thursday, 1 September 2016

MSW 2016...

Hello dolies,
Charly__6__ here, How are you guys? I know, I know, I usually post only presentations here but look what I saw on facebook!
Indeed, MSW 2016 is coming. Stardoll posted that yesterday. I heard that would start September 6 ... Don't shout me if I'm wrong.

What is your reaction? Do you like MSW, or do you hate that time of the year? Do you close your guestbook? Are you Trying to win or helping friends with votes?Would you like to see MSW presentations? How should they look? I Would love to know it. Leave it in a comment down below.
Click here to see the MSW presentations of last year

Love you guys & Stay awesome


  1. This blog is Amazing!:)

  2. I HATE MSW close my gb for myself only people with money win

  3. Yes please,make new msw presetations!!:)

  4. YES YES YES A PINK ONE visit me on stardoll and vote for me loverdezs25

  5. I do like the contest but not the thing that we have to put tons of money to win this title! Anyways, I have made a club called msw2016 do come and join :)
    Username is Charmingstar
    And Charly I really would like to see a msw presentation. I am waiting for it.
    Just a suggestion: why don't you incorporate stardoll news and stuff here? People including I would really be interested for it and whats more I am even willing to write ;)

  6. Hi dear, Your blog is a revelation for me, I have been searching for presentation advice for a looooong time! If it can be useful, I readapted one of your presentations for MSW 2015 to the new colors of this year.. Take a look if you want! Username: Sammy_Raindrop


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