Thursday, 22 June 2017

Goodbye Post

Hey everyone it's Skittle.Fashion,

As the title suggests this is a "goodbye post". I have decided to unfortunately leave Stardoll Presentations. I thank Charly and everyone else on the team for being such an amazing, friendly and over all the best people I could of asked to work with as a team. I however have decided to leave due to my main concern on my credit and/or tag being remove or edited and also because I know longer have a huge interest in Stardoll. I find it frustrating that the team and I have made a few post about "plagiarism" and even removed our presentations for a while, but it is still be ignored by some members. Even when asked they don't fix the mistake they have done. It isn't fair when we have to punish the whole of the SD community because of a few people who change credit on others work. I know that this plagiarism issue isn't just happening with presentations, but also with designs on Stardoll. I do not blame anyone on the team nor the members of the SD community who keep the credit/tag on the presentation, I am grateful to anyone who kept the credit/tag and the support from the team.

I have removed all my presentations from Stardoll Presentations, I apologise to the team and also to the good people of SD who kept the credit/tag on the presentations. I am honestly so grateful that some of you's follow the rules, and understand that stealing is wrong. If I ever decide to post my presentations again I will notify member who are apart of my club (.S.F.) on Stardoll.

Until then this is goodbye...


  1. NOO!!! It is so sad to see you go :(( you’ve been an AMAZING presentations maker , I love you �� and I wish you all the best in your life ������
    But why did you remove your presentations ?? they were AWESOMEE !! I love them so much and I always come back to them and choose from them :(

    However , this is your personal opinion and decision and I fully respect it ��

    Love you ����
    -Raya (kamelea_roze)

    1. I removed them simply because I didn't want my codes being used by the people who aren't respecting me or the fact that it can take hours to make a presentation by changing the credit/tag. I'm really sorry but I'm happy to know that you did like my presentations ❤️

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Charly for the opportunity to be apart of the team, I'll forever be grateful for the opportunity and I'm sorry that I decided to leave ❤️


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  4. I am going to miss you so much! Best of luck, your presentations are amazing!

    1. I'll still around, just unfortunately not here anymore :( but I'll miss you too x

  5. I just realised how many mistaken I made in this post, but basically my reasoning for leaving is:

    1. I'm not really active on Stardoll anymore
    2. I felt that some member weren't repecting my work aka changing the "© Skittle.Fashion" tag to either their username or something completely different

    I am so very grateful that Charly gave me the opportunity and that I got to work with such an amazing team. I wish them all the very best with this blog ♥

  6. im going to miss you and your presentations i don't know you personally but your presentations were enough for me to know how amazing person you are and now that you've removed All you presentations i have to keep the old one that is now im using for as long i can use without any problem even it's edited totally By Me using it with other presentation But Still The credit And The Style is enough to know who made it you're amazing as blogger/dollie/person have a nice life ahead

    1. Thank you so much that means alot to me, if you'll like to chat you can add me on stardoll my username is Skittle.Fashion x

  7. im so sorry :'( ❤


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