Hello, my name is Charline, Nick name Char(ly). i'm the owner of the blog, so if you have any questions -> mail me ;)

Contact: mail me on stardool, or write something in my gb or club

for non-friends = guestbook ; for friends = message

Friend Requests:
I would accept if the request is not empty or if I already know the doll via other ways

Brief About Me:
Hi I'm MoW-MoW
It's from the Japanese word Momo which means PEACH, coz I love peaches and I have used Momo as in-game name for all the games I have played, making it my real life nickname.
I love animals very much and I hate any form of cruelty against them.
I love games, I play a lot of them... different genres from different consoles. I also can play the piano but I don't think I do well with singing XP I love arts and designs, I actually make a lot of stuffs from scraps, recycling, etc. and I love dancing, I have been dancing since I was a kid.

My doll has the "Dance Forever" tattoo in her chest because at the moment, I have feet & bone condition which makes it unbearable for me to dance (even just walking is painful at times). So right now, I have dance only in my heart but I have hopes that one day, I will dance again.

That's basic info about me, I'm very sociable so if you would want to know other things, feel free to ask. Except my age, I'm never saying that :p but a hint. . . I'm not over 30 but above 20 :D

Contact: Stardoll guestbook
Presentation Request: My club, .S.F.
Presentation Style: Usually basic with sometimes one or more scroll boxes
Presentation Info: Write as much detail as possible, eg, colours, quote/lyrics, images, ect
I'm AnitooWee if you need help or have any questiong just write in my guestbook or send me messege .


  1. hi, I love the presentations, I was wondering if you could make a taylor swift presentation? thanks in advance

  2. AnitooWee is great

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  4. Hi !can you make a LEGO Ninjago presentation? that would be great and I will be so happy if you made it :* :*

  5. Hi so pls can u make a Hatley quinn presentation plspls ^^?

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  7. HELLO! I was wondering if you're able to make me a deadpool themed presentation? Please and thank you xxx

  8. Hii! I was wondering if you're able to make me a BTS themed presentation? Please! thanks :D I love your blog btw :)

  9. Could you make a harley quinn from suicide squad presentation?

  10. Hiii! You guys are so creative and so beautiful!!

  11. what happened to aniyah????? anyone?????

  12. could u make a tokyo ghoul pres?

  13. can you please make a antique picture book!!!! PLEASE , PLEASE , PLEASE OR a Wattpad inspired presentation <3


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