Thursday, 17 May 2018

Using presentations for your club page

Lately I get a lot of questions about club pages. And yes most presentations (not all) can be used for your club page. But how...

1. Find a presentation that you want to use for your club page, I took "Presentation #165"
2. open an HTML editor like this one  and past the code of the presentation in the editor. Add '--' before and after the presentation code. Tip: I also delete the width part 'width:500px;', I prefer to delete it for simple club presentations. You can Also edit the colors, text... or wait for it and edit it in stardoll
 3. NOW select your presentation NOT THE CODE, that's why we put the '--', select it with your mouse,  hold it and drag it to your open club page
 4.  The presentation is in your club page, delete the '--'  (or keep it, it's your page) Edit the text and save it. DONE
I hope this helped you, if not, feel free to text me

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